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Developmental Assessments
These Evaluations Are Ideal For A Family Suspecting Autism Spectrum Or Developmental Concerns For Young Children

Dr. Natalie has expertise in identifying and responding to developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. Developmental evaluations are for young children who may not be meeting developmental milestones as expected. These evaluations are ideal for a family suspecting autism spectrum, genetic or neurological disorder, or a child with medical complexities. Developmental evaluations typically start with a virtual appointment and are prioritized since they require early intervention to have a significant impact on the child’s overall wellbeing.

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Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment is an in-depth standardized assessment of identifying how the brain processes a variety of information impacting one's educational abilities.


Unsure of which assessment will be most helpful? This is where a consultation with a psychologist will be beneficial.

School Admission Testing
School Admission Testing